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I blog whatever comes to mind. Music, fashion, art, and space are big things. I highly suggest you push the random post button, there's some cool stuff on here.
I also post my artwork and my comic Crystal. Crystal is a comic that brings awareness to the suffering that Schizophrenia causes. My experience with Schizophrenia is shared as well, along with tips from my therapist to *hopefully* help others deal with this serious illness.


My mind calls me the Reactor Girl. Reality says I am Emily. Melting and fusing. I have jumped into core 208 - my mind’s boiling point. Calorification is imminent. I want to be white hot energy. This incinerator’s seething grasp is an extravaganza. My thoughts are drowning in rustic pipelines and wire nebulae. I am synthesizing a beautiful and chaotic world. A universe unknown - only able to be seen through my artwork.

Artist: MEG
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One day to go and so much to do. How did I get here again?
Always in a rush, I run out of time. When will I say when?


*tells someone about debilitating mental health issue*

"yeah i think everyone gets that tbh"


I’m the Reactor Girl. Below are my favorite nuclear power plant dreams. Also, if you’re machinekin or spacekin, feel free to talk to me. I’m doing my best to learn more about myself and this community.

I continued to run and I was suddenly falling into the nuclear reactor. I actually could feel myself trying to wake up at this point since it really did feel like I was falling. Everything turned white. The scenery refocused into pipes, tubes, and other mechanisms. Everything was tinged with a blue light. I tried to move around and I fell into a deep contraption. When I looked up, I realized it was the nuclear reactor core. I looked up through a throng of pipes and saw several engineers pointing at me. And I wasn’t dying. I realized that I must be a Reactor Girl.


I wanted to hug my love and couldn’t because I was made of energy. In despair I tried to run away from my power plant, but my energy form couldn’t leave. So my love and I decided to watch the sunset instead. We wanted to be together even if it wasn’t physically possible because we truly loved each other.


I was a power plant again. I was walking around in my energy form inside the turbine building. For some reason one of the engineers came too close to one of my reactor cores and fell in, but I saved him. Only I get to be in the cores!




Nothing is faster than c, the speed of light… in a vacuum. In water or air, the speed of light is less than c. So, what happens when a charged particle travels through an optically transparent medium faster than the speed of light in that particular medium? Cherenkov radiation, the characteristic blue glow observed in pools containing active or spent nuclear fuel.

Unlike fluorescence or emission spectra that have characteristic spectral peaks, Cherenkov radiation is continuous. Around the visible spectrum, relative intensity per unit frequency is approximate to the frequency. That means high frequencies (shorter wavelengths) are more intense in Cherenkov radiation, which is why it’s observed to be a brilliant blue. Most Cherenkov radiation is in the ultraviolet spectrum and it is only with sufficiently accelerated charges that it even becomes visible. The sensitivity of the human eye peaks at green, and Cherenkov radiation is very low in the violet portion of the spectrum.


I was talking to my dad today about my religion and he automatically assumed I worship Ra. Why does everyone always think that!? I’m actually working with Aset and Nut.


Ethereal space ambiance

Hey, guys. So I want to share my love of this musician with you. Do you dig space? Do you dig electronic music as well? Then you need to check out Lithuanian artist Stellardrone. He makes space ambient music. All his songs are very calming (they really make me chill) and space themed. You could probably meditate to them to if you’re into that sort of thing! Anyways, all his music is free, I recommend starting with Light Years, have fun:


Making Crystal as true to my experiences as possible

You can read “Crystal” here: or here:

One of my friends made a really good post about how mental illness is not represented how it really is in media due to either misinformed non-mentally ill people or mentally ill people who’re embarrassed about their symptoms/don’t remember some of their darker symptoms. And like… I want to try and portray my mental illness, Schizophrenia, in my comic “Crystal” how it really is. I don’t want to sugarcoat it. Even if it’s hard and embarrassing, I want everyone to what it does to people. Putting my experiences under read more because they’re graphic.

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Any time someone asks me if “I’m too old for that”, I just direct them to Advanced Style.


mental illness is not what memoirs and movies will have you think. yeah, even the memoirs are wrong, to an extent. when you read prozac nation, or girl, interrupted, or wasted, or whatever literary mental illness chronicle you choose, you’re reading the prettified, cleaned-up version. even if…

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OLD ART I STILL LIKE: Convergence of Static by MeltingCORE-NEO

my reactor twins from my story MeltingCORE