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I blog whatever comes to mind. Music, fashion, art, and space are big things. I highly suggest you push the random post button, there's some cool stuff on here.
I also post my artwork and my comic Crystal. Crystal is a comic that brings awareness to the suffering that Schizophrenia causes. My experience with Schizophrenia is shared as well, along with tips from my therapist to *hopefully* help others deal with this serious illness.


My mind calls me the Reactor Girl. Reality says I am Emily. Melting and fusing. I have jumped into core 208 - my mind’s boiling point. Calorification is imminent. I want to be white hot energy. This incinerator’s seething grasp is an extravaganza. My thoughts are drowning in rustic pipelines and wire nebulae. I am synthesizing a beautiful and chaotic world. A universe unknown - only able to be seen through my artwork.



I don’t know which one of these I want the most….

This is giving me feelings…

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Random memory 01

Back before I had proper treatment, way back in 2005/2006, I was totally convinced I was an alien and the good voices I heard where going to take me to this special dimension where I’d get wings and stupid shit like that. (I embarrassed myself many times… But that’s another story.) Anyways, one time I told a substitute teacher about it and she took me outside and told me there was a group of kids like me downtown. I never saw her again. I’ve always wondered what she meant… Did she see I was mentally ill and was referring to other kids like that or…? I never found out. But I’m really glad I’m in therapy now. I haven’t believed most of my old delusions for a really long time now.


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TMNT #30 Cover Animation (Original art by mooncalfe and animation by the-comics-sans)

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Anonymous sent:

Just wanted to say that the post you made about you doing better made me smile! Every positive post you post is a great gift for your followers and for you.

I’m really glad to hear that - thank you very much! :) I kinda just… I got really tired of myself and how negative I used to be. I really wasn’t helping myself by bitching 24/7 and there really was no point to be posting that drivel online. I went through my blog a few months ago and deleted most of my negative posts. I did keep some of the meme ones because lots of people like them so idk? But the ones where I was just whining about my symptoms are gone. I mean like - I still have my symptoms but I have better ways of coping with them now. Cause no one wants to hear what the voices I hear are saying to me play-by-play lol. And I go to people I know irl now if I really need to talk. Anyways, thanks for your message, take care!



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Remember, a star in the sky everyone thinks it’s just as beautiful as a star that’s falling 

If you’re going through a hard time, remember that no one thinks any lower of you just because you’ve fallen a bit~


Brody Dalle by Benno Kraehahn for Rolling Stone


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please stop saying we should protect people with psychosis because they aren’t all violent or dangerous or harmful!

we need to protect psychotic people with violent tendencies too! those who may well hurt others or themselves are also worthy of protection and of access to the resources, help and support they need! people with violent tendencies and no form of psychosis also deserve protection!! maybe they have trouble controlling their emotions or impulses or maybe they have a personality disorder that leads to violent and harmful tendencies?? oh well, they’re still people, many of whom need and want help, and by demonising them, all you’re doing is making it harder for them to access support!

Stop throwing the extremes under the bus to get approval for yourself please!


my girlfriend is a badass - the meet

(i’ve been very into 원수연 and 魚喃キリコ lately. i really admire kiriko’s sensitivity to white space and her ability to create such minimalistic yet totally atmospheric art.)

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So I’ve made some negative meme posts in the past. Ones like “blah blah voices everywhere”. But since I’ve been doing better and am thinking more clearly, I decided to make a positive one. I wanted to make this because I’ve seen people get shot down for blogging about their recovery, because some people relish in other people’s pain. Or think it’s cool and are disappointed when someone starts getting into healthier habits so they’re not constantly blogging about their cutting or voices or disassociation. It’s really gross. Basically don’t be afraid to say you’re doing better, guys! Recovery is wonderful. U_U

PS: This goes for all mental illnesses.