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I blog whatever comes to mind. Music, fashion, art, and space are big things. I highly suggest you push the random post button, there's some cool stuff on here.
I also post my artwork and my comic Crystal. Crystal is a comic that brings awareness to the suffering that Schizophrenia causes. My experience with Schizophrenia is shared as well, along with tips from my therapist to *hopefully* help others deal with this serious illness.


My mind calls me the Reactor Girl. Reality says I am Emily. Melting and fusing. I have jumped into core 208 - my mind’s boiling point. Calorification is imminent. I want to be white hot energy. This incinerator’s seething grasp is an extravaganza. My thoughts are drowning in rustic pipelines and wire nebulae. I am synthesizing a beautiful and chaotic world. A universe unknown - only able to be seen through my artwork.


'nature walk', a continuation of 'walk series'!


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Life goes on

So I mentioned in an earlier post that my family is having money issues, but I’m having a good attitude about it. Still doing that. We’re almost out of it, just a few more weeks. I’ve had to cut my pills in half to make them last. Thankfully I haven’t had any real problems except some illogical anger and paranoia, but its summer and I can stay in my room. I did go ahead and decide not to take my second math class because we can’t afford it and I’d rather take it next summer anyways. *shrugs*


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On touch (question for you all)

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Sakura jelly.

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a new wip. trying something funky with the inking here.

Anonymous sent:

So I was diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety last year and I was put on fluoxetine for it soon after (I'm still on it now). Recently I have been feeling depressed again, anxious and as though everyone hates me and people are out to get me. I'm isolating myself again, I'm losing my sense of self worth and I'm not coping well at school. I'm starting to also feel like I'm being watched/recorded by something/someone. I don't know what to do because people think I'm doing well..? help

I know it’s hard, but you really need to reach out to someone as those symptoms are quite troubling. You can’t hide your symptoms because you’ll just deteriorate until you’re sent to the mental hospital. Cause something like mental illness doesn’t get better on its own and hiding it just makes it worse. Trust me - I would know. A few years ago I didn’t tell my parents I was hearing voices again until one of my journals was covered in my own blood and that got me sent to the hospital for a while. You don’t have to broadcast your issues to the world but do you think you could tell your parents or doctors? Especially your doctors. They’re there to help you so don’t be afraid that they’ll be disappointed or something. Relapses are normal with mentally ill people and they know that. If you need anything else feel free to message me again, lovely. c:

PS: I told someone else this recently, but I think it’d be a good idea to stay home from school until you feel better. No reason to be at school, especially if it’s making things worse.



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Another one!? Uuuugh. ‘Nother bloody Adventure Time sketch I took waaaaay too seriously based on the theme “my hero”. This time it’s our lovely Finn and Fire Princess! c: It looks too different from the other sketches due to lack of flat colors. Wot a moron I am.


ice king


気持ちええで | 倉崎 [pixiv] 


マーズパワー・メイクアップ | Saru
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List of things do when I’m in a bad zone

I’m really lame and get sad and upset for basically no reason sometimes. I dunno if it has anything to do with my Schizophrenia or not? Anyways, it’s been happening more often and I think it’s because I’m not in college and have way to much free time and no structure. So I made a list of things I enjoy and taped it to my desk. Posting it here to in case I lose it irl.