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I blog whatever comes to mind. Music, fashion, art, and space are big things. I highly suggest you push the random post button, there's some cool stuff on here.
I also post my artwork and my comic Crystal. Crystal is a comic that brings awareness to the suffering that Schizophrenia causes. My experience with Schizophrenia is shared as well, along with tips from my therapist to *hopefully* help others deal with this serious illness.


My mind calls me the Reactor Girl. Reality says I am Emily. Melting and fusing. I have jumped into core 208 - my mind’s boiling point. Calorification is imminent. I want to be white hot energy. This incinerator’s seething grasp is an extravaganza. My thoughts are drowning in rustic pipelines and wire nebulae. I am synthesizing a beautiful and chaotic world. A universe unknown - only able to be seen through my artwork.

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In March, due to a natural phenomenon, temperature, wind and sun cause the ice crust to crack and form beautiful turquoise blocks or ice hummocks on the surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia.

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Anonymous sent:

When I sit next to someone , I feel like they talk with me and they say something. And I answer to them and they're like: What the hell do you want? I didn't say anything! What does it mean? It happens every single time and I'm afraid

Hey there. Do you mean that you actually hear people say something when they haven’t? If so, those are auditory hallucinations and if they’re happening constantly, you need to see a mental health professional. If you mean you just ~think~ people are saying something, then I don’t really think that’s a problem. Especially if it happens in crowded areas where words are bound to get jumbled and confused.


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Its possible someone be delusional without having hallucinations?

I actually just answered this question for a friend yesterday haha. Yes, it’s 100% possible to have delusions without hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms. See, each human brain is completely unique, so it’s not like every person with delusions has to hear voices. You can also have hallucinations without delusions, paranoia without social impairment, and so on.



tiny creature

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Hello again, my english sucks but I wanna know... What's your delusions about? And do you know when you're being delusional?

They’re really embarrassing, but I haven’t been delusional in a while so I’ll share… I’ll think that there’s a dimension called Unknown and a race of aliens are after me and want to destroy the Earth. The main voice I hear - Izuna - says she’s the leader. Then there’s also good people from Unknown that want to take me there. It’s really lame but it’s why I love April O’Neil from the current TMNT series so much - because I feel similar to her. (Although, it’s real for her. I’m just mentally ill.)

Okay, writing this out honestly makes me want to cry, so if anyone wants to know more, here’s a post I wrote a year ago about it:



The Eye of the Sahara

Since the earliest space missions, astronauts have noticed a conspicuous structure in the southwest of the Sahara Desert, like an eye looking up out of the otherwise featureless land. The spectacular 50-kilometre wide formation was once called the Richat Structure and thought to be caused by an ancient meteorite impact, but since there is no evidence of this, geologists now believe that it’s a product of uplift and erosion.

The concentric circles are actually layers of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks, pushed up out of the earth thanks to magma below. The exposed softer rock and sand around were then eroded away, leaving only hard quartz dating in age from 2.5 billion years ago to 480 million years ago.

The circular shape and symmetry of the renamed Eye of the Sahara, however, haven’t been fully explained—geologists are still puzzling over them.

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hiya! my boyfriend has schizophrenia, he never talks about it apart from the odd mention of it over text. I don't want to bring it up cause i understand it's hard to talk about but it just makes me feel shitty knowing he's trying deal with it alone, I want to be able to understand and try help him! i care about him loads but he's just so shy, what do you suggest? thank you x

As someone with Schizophrenia, I do very much understand why he’s silent about it. I’m glad you realize how difficult it is to talk about it. I’m also glad you’re sticking by him and even looking for ways to help - that shows you’re a good, caring person. I think the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the symptoms of Schizophrenia and always have a safety plan if he begins to feel suicidal. And let him know that you’ll always be there to listen if he needs to vent. If he does take that offer, don’t say anything negative about his symptoms (ex: “it’s not real”). I don’t think you’d do that, I’m just making sure! ;^^;

I hope your boyfriend opens up to you. Take good care of each other! <3




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I was diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia but sometimes I think Im faking the illness but deep inside I know Im not. Is that normal?

Oh honey, that is completely normal. I’m basing this on things I’ve felt and things my friends have felt, but the feeling-like-your-faking-it thing might stem from guilt that your family and friend relationships are “burdened” by your mental illnesses? If you do feel that way: You’re not a burden and anyone who says otherwise is wrong, because you can’t help it. Or you might be unhappy with your diagnoses and are trying to tell yourself that nothing is wrong? I did that in the past and it never worked - trust me. I know it’s hard, but you have to accept that you’re mentally ill. It’s the only way you’ll be able to move ahead in life. Anyways, whatever the reason is for your feelings, I hope you feel better soon. <3